Traveling for Cheap in Europe and United States

Traveling for Cheap in Europe and United States

For almost two years I have been traveling internationally and nationally for work and leisure. I that time span I have learned how to travel cheap, on a budget, and how to find the cheap flights that cost a minimum $17 (€15).

If you want to learn how to travel on the cheap keep reading I’ll give you some great tips to help you get around the world on a budget.

London 🛫 Barcelona

Barcelona 🛫 Oakland

San Jose 🛫 Seattle

San Jose 🛫 San Antonio

San Antonio 🛫 San Jose

San Jose 🛫 Seattle

Seattle 🛫 Chicago

Chicago 🛫 New York New York

Washington DC 🛫 Atlanta

Nashville 🛫 New Orleans

New Orleans 🛫 San Antonio

San Antonio 🛫 San Jose

Oakland 🛫 Barcelona

Barcelona 🛫 Venice

Milan 🛫 Naples

Naples 🛫 Athens

Athens 🛫 Amsterdam

Amsterdam 🛫 London

About two years ago I wanted to get the hell out of dodge. On a dare, a new friend of mine told me to spend my last $200 I had in my bank account on a flight to Barcelona.

Since that day my life has become a world wide adventure.

Needless to say, I found more money, and traveling 45 states and 15 different countries has changed my life.

Ok now you know the why I did it, Ill go into the how…

Each trip became a business trip. I went from coaching business clients to also went back to website design so that I could pay for everything,

Here is the crazy thing. Over the past 2 years, I really have only spent a total of $20k on all my traveling.

I know you must be thinking WTF! HOW! WHY!

Its because I find the cheap times to fly, leave when it is the least convenient, and I step the fuck out of my comfort zone.

I go to Europe in the winter, when they have snow storms and its bellow -2 Celsius.

But then I see beautiful Christmas lights in the Netherlands. Drink mulled wine in Paris. Watch the snow fall as I drift to sleep in the South of France.

I have learned that not only difficult travel can be cheap,  but also ultimately rewarding.

My flights I buy through because they have some of the best deals and the best user interphase on helping me find my next work staycation.

So what are you waiting for? Book your next trip, find that cheap ticket. Also, Flights from Oakland to Barcelona are normally $150 to $200 each way… No reason not to go.