Porto, Portugal

Portugal felt like home the moment I landed. If you want to experiance a country and city that makes you not want to leave, Porto Portugal is the place for you.

Out of all the places I have been in the world, Porto has a special place in my heart. I have spent well over two months in this amazing city, and every time I come back I never want to leave. The food is delicious, the music and nightlife are thriving, and the people are nice and helpful.


Whenever I meet someone traveling and they are debating on going to Porto, I always tell them to just go, and they will understand how amazing it is. They are never disappointed.


If you ever stumble into Porto, Portugal eat some Pastel da Nata and Franchesina. Pour yourself a nice bottle of wine or explore the wine caves with Port wine.


What I have found is that flights from most places in Europe to Porto, Portugal cost around 20-50 Euro so you will stay well in budget.


Good To Know

Favorite Resturant

Cervejaria Brasao Aliãdos

Favorite Places

Porto Cruz Winery

Hostel Recommendation

Pilot Design Hostel

Language Spoken

Portuguese English

Best Way to Get Around

Metro & Uber

About Porto

“Porto is a coastal city in northwest Portugal known for its stately bridges and port wine production. In the medieval Ribeira (riverside) district, narrow cobbled streets wind past merchants’ houses and cafes. São Francisco Church is known for its lavish baroque interior with ornate gilded carvings.” – wikipedia.org