What do I want to do?

Lately I have been giving some thought to what I want to do two years from now, five years from now, and twenty years from now. There are so many possibilities of what I can do that it has been throwing me for a loop. There are so many factors that are contributing to my decisions that I feel that it is almost impossible to truly make up my mind.

While I have been working for almost four years straight now, it should at least given a little insite to what my future goals should be, they have totaly deteared me from my starting goal. Orignonaly I had planned to attend school and get my degree in MIS (Business with technology) or a Computer Engineering BS. Now both of those options seem unfeesable. I love technology and I understand it enough to make my living in it, but I do not like learning about it, hence my change in course.

Recently I have given quite a lo of thought to going to school to get my BA in History, (not sure exactly what history) with a minor in English. These two subjects have inspired me greatly over my high school carrer, and I have noticed that in todays workforce, you MUST be able to write well. Most teenagers that are walking out of school right now can barly write at a middle school standard, which to me is very sad. I think that Language and Liturature are a staple foundation on how humans to comunicate and express themselves. Without that foundation we are with out hope of any advancment in any aspect of our future.

This brings me to History. Without history we have no foundation to base off our future. Our history and roots, that be US History, Midevil History, European History, all give us a vauled informative base to advacne our civilization. Our behaviors, patterns, and livelyhoods are all stored in the memory banks of our history books. With all that information ready to be accessed, it is a shame not to utalize it to further our knowledge base and foundation.

With that I am left and a fork in the road. What do I do? Study and study and teach? My mind is still unclear on what path to take, but there is still a lot if ground work to be done.

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